We asked women these 4 questions about periods and the results are  super interesting!

We asked women these 4 questions about periods and the results are super interesting!

Over the past few weeks we have been conducting some polls on our Instagram to really get to know what women go through during their periods, and after receiving these votes from women belonging to diverse backgrounds, we decided to address the issues and bring forth some feasible solutions.

1. Workout Woes

healthfab workout solution

74% of women find it uncomfortable to exercise during those 3-7 days! We really can’t blame them, with the cramps, soreness, and general discomfort, no one would be motivated to work out.

A genuine problem a lot of women face with sanitary pads is the movement of the pad while exercising which leads to staining; and that’s one of the greatest advantages of using Period Panties- since they are designed to fit very snugly, they promise a leak-proof and exceptionally comfortable experience, which makes it (if only a little bit) more motivating to get some exercise in.

2. Good Night NOT!

healthfab confortable sleep solution

Do you experience a change in your sleeping pattern during your periods? Well, 84% of women do. The constant fear of leaking and waking up to change a pad keeps women up at night, and finding the right position to get comfortable is a nearly impossible task when menstruating.

This can get quite frustrating, night after night. Hence we propose a more agreeable alternative- Period Panties!

The breathable fabric ensures maximum comfort, and the absorption power is 5x that of a regular sanitary pad. Without the niggling worries of staining your favourite sheets at the back of your mind, won’t you have an easier time falling asleep at night?

3. Go Rash Free with GoPadFree™

healthfab rash free solution

Did you know this fact? Commercial Menstrual products can be harsh on sensitive skin and the endless supply of ointments and rash creams make those tiresome few days all the more painful.

GoPadFree Period Panty

So why not switch to a rash-free option?

Using cotton as the foundation, period panties eliminate the use of harmful chemicals that sit on your skin for days consecutively, giving you rashes. Hence, GoPadFree™ not only ensures a smooth, rash-free experience, but also plays an integral role in reducing the tons of disposable sanitary waste that other menstrual products use, making it an eco-friendly (and super comfortable!) product.

4. Periods make travel tough!

healthfab comfortable travel solution

This one’s a no-brainer. Who can enjoy constantly moving around, juggling plane and train rides while bleeding out? And to top it all off, you’re always looking out for a clean washroom at every stop.

Doesn’t wearing just a panty make things a whole lot easier? Since there’s no need for changing at regular intervals, you can go sight-seeing all day without worrying about a foul odour or having to replenish your stock of pads every few hours.

Girl, you’re not alone in your period problems!

We’re here to make it better :)

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