Why is the GoPadFree™ period panty a game changer?

Why is the GoPadFree™ period panty a game changer?


Period Panties are the latest life-changing invention made specifically for women of today’s fast-paced world.

How often do you have to change your pad when you are at work or school? Isn’t the whole process inconvenient, uncomfortable, and in most cases, unhygienic?

However, with menstrual panties, you never have to worry about these things again. With this invention, you now have an authentic alternative to pads and tampons. 

GoPadFree Period Panty

But why should you make the switch? You may be wondering what it is that makes GoPadFree Period Panties so special and dependable. Here are some reasons why this is the ultimate menstrual product:

  1. Comfort and Absorption- Changing your pad every few hours becomes a hassle, especially when you have a long day away from home. However, with Period Panties, you can go a lot of hours without having to change since it contains absorbent layers within itself that absorb upto 5 times more than a regular sanitary pad. Moreover, the lightweight and breathable cotton ensures you remain comfortable throughout the whole day, ensuring a snug fit that will keep you feeling safe and secure!
  2. No More Stains- Every woman on her period has this niggling thought at the back of her mind – is there a stain on my pants? But now that is a worry of the past. With GoPadFree Period Panties you don’t have to think twice about wearing your favourite pair of pants or sitting on your new sheets because it assures a leak-proof and rash-free experience!
  3. It’s Convenient: Period Panties are re-usable for upto 2 years. So unlike a regular packet of pads, you don’t have to use and throw. Instead, you just have to follow a simple washing routine: keep them under running tap water followed by a gentle wash, and let them air-dry with the rest of your clothes. And the best part is that they are portable – they can easily fit into your bag no matter where you are! 
  4. Do it for the environment: Every little contribution makes a huge difference in saving the planet. A woman like you and me can generate upto 125 Kgs of plastic menstrual waste during her lifetime. About 113,00 tonnes of used sanitary pads are dumped in landfills every year. This generated plastic waste takes decades if not centuries to decompose. It is time to switch to a more organic approach. GoPadFree period Panties are made with cotton and are proudly delivered to your doorstep in eco-friendly packaging! Do your bit for the environment. Start today.

Ladies, don’t we deserve a more comfortable and hassle-free period experience? If the periods aren’t painful enough, we have added worries that come from menstrual products.

Take the decision and make the change! Try GoPadFree™ Period Panties, and you won’t be disappointed. Go and get your pair now!
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