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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Super Comfortable.
  • 2. Rash-free periods -forever.
  • 3. Re-usable & Economical in the long run.
  • 4. Safe On Health & Environment.
  • 5. Three variants available depending on your flow days - Lite, Heavy & Ultra
Yes, GoPadFree panty is capable of absorbing period all by itself. With 6 times (for Ultra), 5 times (for Heavy) and 1.5 times (for Lite) absorption capacity as compared to regular sanitary pads, you can just wear GoPadFree Period Panty, no need to wear any Sanitary Pad, Menstrual Cup or Tampon during periods.
GoPadFree panties have the capacity to absorb upto 6 times more as compared to regular Sanitary Pads. However as everyone's period is different, the actual hours may vary from person to person. We encourage new users to try it themselves and find their ideal duration before wearing socially.
GoPadFree period panties come in 3 flow variants namely GoPadFree Lite - with 1.5 times absorbency for low flow days, GoPadFree Heavy - with 5 times absorbency for medium to heavy flow days and GoPadFree Ultra - with 6 times absorbency for super heavy flow days. As women often experience different flow patterns on different days of their periods, these variants help offer maximum value and let you spend your entire period cycle wearing only GoPadFree!
Yes, GoPadFree period panties are certified free from PFAS and Harmful Chemicals. It is 100% safe for Teens and menstruating women of any age.

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Customer Testimonial

Excellent way to go pad free !
This product meets all my expectations and more , it absorbs well even the blood clots and is easy to wash . I have stopped HATING my periods as now with this menstrual option I don’t have to worry about blood stains at all ! It’s padded right to the back and I can wear what I want and most importantly without worrying , without using that extra layer of sheet on the bed I can sleep peacefully!! I feel safe like a baby in a diaper 😂🤣
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13 December 2021

It is a great replacement for sanitary pads
I am 17 years old and I find this as an amazing product. I generally have a heavy flow and it may even extend to 7-8 days. At first I didn't have any trust on this product so I tried it in my home. I kept it for as long as I could on my heavy flowing day and it could hold that blood for more than 12 hours. No rashes and no irritation. Now I'm even taking another one for my sister.
Reviewed on

Naveen jakkamputi

31 December 2021

Best decision I ever made
This is a super good period underwear that I myself am still in shock. I also have period underwear from a good brand in the US and yet gopadfree was the better one. I am so impressed with it that I decided to help someone out who is looking for a good period underwear. Go for this, it held through the whole night for me on the first use, while the US brand only lasted me 1.5 hours before leaking out. 4/5 overall cos it's not as pretty and looks like men's briefs but who cares? It does the job well 5/5 for function.
Reviewed on


19 June 2020

Go padfree with Healthfab!
I used this period pant for the very first time. I was a bit worried so used at home only but my experience was amazing. It worked. It actually worked like for 8 hours or may be more but I removed after 8 hours. So i highly recommended to everyone but especially to those who loves travelling.
Reviewed on

Shreya Chandra

30 November 2021

Try this and you would forget pads.
Product is very comfortable and is just like it is promised.. It is leak proof and completely absorbs for more than 10 to 12 hours. Also doesn't cause any kind of rashes and very easy to use.. Loved the product. Have a happy and Pain free, rash free period ladies ♥
Reviewed on


29 March 2021

Fully Worthy
I'm so surprised... Because when I got this... My mother didn't believe... So we took a glass of water and slowly put water through it..... The water sucked through the front part but not came out from the lower part.... Its amazing ... I love the product.... Worth my money 🙌💯
Reviewed on

Ananya Srichandan

30 March 2021

Must buy.
It is very comfortable and light. And it is rash free and leak proof. The fitting is so perfect that I can travelling without any hesitations. I would say worth buying.
Reviewed on

Tania Sen

21 March 2021

Must try #healthfab
Absolutely superb and comfortable .. Must try this Gals .. #healthfab .. Great experience.. cheers to a tension free life
Reviewed on

ekta singha

17 March 2021

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