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Healthfab® GoPadFree Ultra Leakproof Reusable Period Panty

Healthfab® GoPadFree Ultra Leakproof Reusable Period Panty

🩸 Leak-Proof, Stain-Free & Safe

❌ No Sanitary Pads, Tampons or Cups needed

🌈 Keeps you Rash-Free, Dry & Comfortable

🫧 Easy to wash & reuse upto 2 years

Heavy 5x Absorbent Ultra 6x Absorbent
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Product Description

Wear just Healthfab® GoPadFree Leak-proof Reusable Cotton Period Panties during periods - No Sanitary Pads, Tampons or Menstrual Cups needed.

🤔 How to choose your variant?

👉🏻 Heavy - For Medium to Heavy flow days, comfortable Sleep, Travel or Exercise.

👉🏻 Ultra - For Super Heavy flow days, extended coverage needs.

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Buy Period Panty Online and save upto 70% by switching to GoPadFree Period Panties from Sanitary Pads💰

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'Best Leak Proof Period Panties' - Recommended by top Gynaecologists 👩🏻‍⚕️

GoPadFree uses Oeko-Tex certified fabric Oeko-Tex certified fabric
GoPadFree is Eco Friendly Eco Friendly
GoPadFree is Re-Usable upto 2 years Re-Usable upto 2 years
GoPadFree is Easy to wash Easy to wash
GoPadFree Absorbs 6 times more than sanitary pad Absorbs 6 times more
Breathable Fabric Breathable Fabric
Go Pad Free period panty is rash free Rash Free
Go Pad Free period underwear is leak proof Leak Proof
GoPadFree Mestrual Underwear are economic in long term GoPadFree Mestrual Underwear are economic in long term
  • Very first layer of GoPadFree is Moisture Wicking Layer

    Moisture Wicking Layer

    Organic Cotton Layer engineered to absorb your period blood away from your body - keeping you Dry and Comfortable

  • Second layer of GoPadFree is Super absorbent layer

    Super Absorbent Layer

    Super Absorbent Microfiber layer designed to quickly absorb all menstrual blood within its strands

  • Third layer of GoPadFree is Leak-proof Layer

    Leak-barrier Layer

    Innovative Breathable Leak-Proof Layer that Stops wetness from flowing around but allows air circulation

  • Fourth layer of GoPadFree is cotton body fabric layer

    Body Fabric Layer

    Super Soft and Certified Safe Cotton Layer that is Strechable and Comfotable giving you the feel of a premium underwear

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GoPadFree is Comfortable, Safe and Hygienic.

Comfortable, Safe and Hygienic.

Made of Super Comfortable Cotton, Certified Safe and Free from Cancer Causing PFAS + 250 other Harmful Chemicals. GoPadFree Panties are hygienic by design.

No Sanitary pads Tampons or Menstrual cup needed when switched to Go Pad Free

No Sanitary pads Tampons or Menstrual cup needed

GoPadFree panties absorb upto 6 times more menstrual blood than regular sanitary pads without needing anything extra.

Sleep, Travel, Exercise or do whatever! when switched to GoPadFree period panty

Sleep, Travel, Exercise or do whatever!

Period rashes are a thing of the past with GoPadFree period panties – live your life to the fullest.

  • GoPadFree is an amazing product
  • go pad free can be used even during heaviest flow days
  • healthfab go pad free is comfortable, cost effective eco friendly
  • go pad free period panty is leak proof and better than regular pads
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Customer Reviews

Based on 317 reviews
Tasneem Athar Khanzada

Healthfab® GoPadFree Ultra Leakproof Reusable Period Panty

Payal Shyamsukha

Healthfab® GoPadFree Ultra Leakproof Reusable Period Panty

Deeksha Gupta

Healthfab® GoPadFree Ultra Leakproof Reusable Period Panty

Sarmin Pathan

Size is not better

Sakshi Arte

Healthfab® GoPadFree Ultra Leakproof Reusable Period Panty

Care Guide

Get the most out of your GoPadFree

go pad free users


Pre-wash not needed but you may do if you feel like.

Soak & Rinse

Keep the used panty under running tap water / wash basin Or Soak in detergent water for sometime

Cold Wash

Wash it like your regular underwear with your daily detergent. Machine washing possible. Please don't use any hard brush

Hang Dry

Dry via hanging in an open area or under the Sun for best results.
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Happy Customers

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Why does GoPadFree Period Panties come in 2 flow variants?

GoPadFree period panties come in 2 flow variants namely GoPadFree Heavy - with 5 times absorbency for medium to heavy flow days and GoPadFree Ultra - with 6 times absorbency for super heavy flow days. As women often experience different flow patterns on different days of their periods, these variants help offer maximum value and let you spend your entire period cycle wearing only GoPadFree!

Q: Which flow variant of GoPadFree panties should I choose?

Women in general experience different flow patterns on different days of their periods. These 2 variants are targeted for specific days of your periods to better manage your entire period cycle with GoPadFree panties only, offering you maximum value and comfort. Hence we recommend you to choose at least one from each variant, wear accordingly on those specific period days and live to the fullest, even during periods!

Q: Will GoPadFree Period Panties actually absorb my period?

GoPadFree period panties are known to absorb upto 6 times more (depending on the flow variant) than the menstrual flow absorbed by a regular sanitary pad. In the past 3.5 years, many women across India and abroad have already used GoPadFree panties, found them extremely capable in absorbing their periods.

Q: Is GoPadFree panty a replacement of Sanitary Pads, Tampons and Menstrual Cups?

Yes, GoPadFree panty is capable of absorbing period all by itself. With 6 times (for Ultra) and 5 times (for Heavy) absorption capacity as compared to regular sanitary pads, you can just wear GoPadFree Period Panty, no need to wear any Sanitary Pad, Menstrual Cup or Tampon during periods. However, as everyone's period flow is different and we urge every new user to test it at home in a safe environment for the first time and identify their ideal duration before wearing socially.

Q: Why should I switch to GoPadFree period panties?

GoPadFree Period Panties are the latest innovation in menstrual hygiene. It let's you experience rash free, comfortable periods without wearing anything extra. It gives you freedom to move freely and wear your favourite dress even during periods. These period panties are hygienic, safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable and doesn't create plastic sanitary waste unlike Sanitary Pads. A single product is expected to last more than 2 years. GoPadFree panty is your key to experience super comfortable Sleep, Travel and Exercise even during periods!

Q: How does GoPadFree period panties work?

GoPadFree period panty is a multi-layered underwear made with premium OEKO-TEX® certified organic cotton fabric for your super soft, rash-free, safe and comfortable periods. Inside the crotch area, the stitched super absorbent microfibre layer absorbs wetness immediately and the breathable leak-proof layer stitched next to it keeps you stain free and dry. This is a revolutionary patent pending technology innovated by Healthfab® for your safe and happy periods!

Q: Will GoPadFree panties keep me dry and Rash-Free?

GoPadFree panties will keep you completely dry and rash-free, thanks to its super absorbent layer stitched inside. This layer immediately absorbs period away from your body keeping you dry, rash-free and comfortable throughout. Moreover, the layer in touch with your body is always super soft cotton, so no chance of any rash caused by friction .

Q: Are GoPadFree Panties Hygienic?

GoPadFree panties are hygienic by design. Most odour causing bacteria and germs are known to grow in the damp but GoPadFree period panties absorb period staying outside of your body, keeping you dry. Thanks to its breathable multi layered structure and use of high quality certified fabrics. While washing, the water and detergent dissolves away period, giving you a clean panty, ready to be reused after drying.

Q: Is GoPadFree period panty Safe & Certified?

Yes! At Healthfab® we take safety very seriously. Our panties are tested by top Global agencies and is certified free from Cancer Causing PFAS, Two hundred and twenty-four (224) substances in the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and other harmful chemicals. GoPadFree Period Panties are also recommended by top gynaecologists in the country.

The test reports can be viewed here:

Q: What is OEKO-TEX® certification?

This OEKO-TEX® certification means every piece of fabric used in the product has been thoroughly tested and certified to be free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

Q: How should I use GoPadFree period panties for the best results?

Use GoPadFree period panties just like your regular underwear without worrying too much! Just ensure no water droplets remain in your body by wiping your body dry before wearing GoPadFree panties to ensure a stain free and comfortable period for a prolonged duration. And, for the first time, we recommend you test at home before wearing socially to identify your ideal duration because everyone's period is different!

Q: What is the best way to wash GoPadFree period panties?

It is recommended that you keep the used panty under running tap water / wash basin Or Soak in detergent water for sometime. Then wash it like your regular underwear using your daily detergent and hang dry. Please don't use any hard brush. That's it!

Q: Is GoPadFree Period Panties safe for Teenagers?

Yes, GoPadFree period panties are certified safe from PFAS and Harmful Chemicals. It is 100% safe for Teens and menstruating women of any age.

Q: Is switching to reusable period product like going back in time?

NO. Reusables are the answer for a safe and comfortable future of our planet. Reusable Period Panties like GoPadFree are the latest innovation in menstrual hygiene. It is not just a cloth from the old days but is made of multi layered specialized, certified fabrics stitched inside the crotch area. This special arrangement keeps you dry and comfortable without wearing anything extra and saves the planet from accumulating heaps of plastic waste created by disposable sanitary products, every period cycle.

Q: Any there any color options?

At this moment, GoPadFree period panties are available only in Black and Red color.

Buy Period Panty Online: Healthfab® GoPadFree Period Underwear

Introducing Healthfab® GoPadFree Heavy Leak Proof Reusable Period Panty, designed for ultimate comfort and protection during your menstrual cycle. Engineered with innovative leak-proof technology, these period panties offer unparalleled reliability even on heavy flow days. With Healthfab® GoPadFree, experience freedom from worries about leaks, stains, or discomfort. Reusable and washable, they are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective in the long run. Invest in your comfort and confidence with Healthfab® GoPadFree Heavy Leak Proof Reusable Period Panty.

Period Panties for Women by Healthfab®

Period panties are a revolutionary menstrual hygiene solution designed to replace traditional pads or tampons. Made from absorbent and leak-resistant fabrics, period panties offer a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative for managing menstrual flow. These specialized undergarments feature layers of moisture-wicking materials and leak-proof barriers to keep you feeling dry and confident throughout the day. Say goodbye to bulky pads and uncomfortable leaks with the discreet and convenient protection of period panties.

Buy Period Underwear for Teens & Women

Experience the convenience and comfort of washable period panties by shopping online today. Say goodbye to disposable menstrual products and hello to sustainable and cost-effective period care solutions. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, finding the perfect washable period panties to suit your needs has never been easier. Browse our collection online and invest in your comfort and confidence during your menstrual cycle.

Best Leak Proof Period Panties for Women

Discover the best leak-proof period panties designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Engineered with advanced moisture-wicking fabrics and leak-resistant technology, these period panties offer superior protection even on your heaviest flow days. Say goodbye to leaks and stains with the confidence and security of the best leak-proof period panties on the market. Invest in your peace of mind and experience worry-free periods with these innovative undergarments.

Period Panties - Best Features

Our leakproof reusable cotton period panties redefine comfort and reliability during your menstrual cycle. Crafted with premium materials and innovative design, these panties offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

  1. Period Diaper Pants: Experience the convenience and security of period diaper pants. Our specially engineered design ensures maximum absorbency and leak protection, allowing you to move freely and confidently.
  2. Padded Panties: Discover the perfect combination of comfort and functionality with our padded panties. Featuring soft padding for extra support and coverage, these panties keep you dry and comfortable throughout your period.
  3. Sanitary Panties: Say goodbye to leaks and stains with our sanitary panties. Designed with advanced leakproof technology, these panties provide superior protection and odor control, keeping you fresh and comfortable all day long.
  4. Leakproof Panties: Enjoy worry-free periods with our leakproof panties. Engineered to prevent leaks and odors, these panties offer unmatched reliability and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your day without interruptions.
  5. Design Comfort Panties: Our design comfort panties are crafted with your comfort in mind. Made from soft, breathable cotton fabric, these panties move with your body and provide exceptional comfort and support throughout your menstrual cycle.

Benefits of Using Period Underwear

Period underwear from HealthFab offers numerous benefits for a comfortable and hassle-free menstrual experience. They are designed to be leak-proof, stain-free, and safe, providing maximum protection and peace of mind. With period underwear, there's no need for sanitary pads, tampons, or cups, which saves money and reduces waste.

Period Panties for Heavy Flow

Experience unparalleled comfort and protection during heavy flow days with HealthFab Period Panties. Engineered with advanced leak-proof technology, these panties offer maximum absorbency and security without compromising on comfort. Say goodbye to leaks and stains with HealthFab Period Panties for heavy flow.

Rash Free Period Panties

Say goodbye to discomfort and irritation with HealthFab Rash Free Period Panties. Made from soft and breathable fabrics, these panties are gentle on sensitive skin, reducing the risk of rashes and chafing during your menstrual cycle. Experience comfort and confidence with HealthFab Rash Free Period Panties.

Period Underwear free from PFAS and harmful chemical

Protect your health and the environment with HealthFab PFAS and Chemical Free Period Panty. Made from safe and non-toxic materials, these panties are free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring your well-being during your menstrual cycle. Invest in your health and sustainability with HealthFab PFAS and Chemical Free Period Panty.

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