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GoPadFree™ has been tested to hold upto 5 times the menstrual flow absorbed by a regular sanitary pad. Moreover many Indian women have already used GoPadFree™ and found it extremely capable in absorbing their periods comfortably. Still, everyone's period is different and we urge every user to test it at home in a safe environment for the first time and identify their ideal usage before wearing socially.
Yes, GoPadFree™ can be a replacement for Sanitary Pads, Tampons or Menstrual cups depending on your flow, as everyone's period is different. We urge you to test if yourself, find your ideal usage and you may join the thousands of Indian women who have switched to GoPadFree™ completely!

GoPadFree™ is the latest innovation in menstrual hygiene. It let's you experience rash free, comfortable periods without wearing anything extra. It gives you freedom to move freely and wear your favourite dress even on periods. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable and doesn't create plastic sanitary waste unlike Sanitary Pads. A single product is expected to last more than 2 years. GoPadFree™ is your key to experience periods like never before! Switch today.

Most odour causing bacteria and germs are known to grow in the damp but GoPadFree™ keeps you dry and comfortable during periods. Thanks to its breathable multi layered structure and use of high quality cotton fabric, GoPadFree™ is hygienic by design and keeps you free from odour.
GoPadFree™ is a multi layered underwear made with premium OEKO-TEX® certified organic fabric to offer you a comfortable worry free period. Inside, the microfiber absorbent layer wicks away wetness and the breathable leak-proof layer keeps you stain free and dry. This is a revolutionary patent pending technology innovated by Healthfab® for your happy periods!
This OEKO-TEX® certification means every piece of fabric used in the product has been thoroughly tested and certified to be free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use. To attain Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.
Use GoPadFree™ just like your regular underwear without worrying too much! Just ensure no water droplets remain in your body by wiping your body dry before wearing GoPadFree™ to guarantee a stain free and comfortable period. And, for the first time, we recommend you test at home before wearing socially to identify your ideal duration because everyone's period is different!
It is recommended that you keep the used panty under running tap water / wash basin for about a minute until the mess goes away. Then wash it like your regular underwear in cold water using your regular detergent and hang dry. That's it!
It is single GoPadFree™ per item unless it is mentioned as Pack of 3.
At this moment, GoPadFree™ is available only in Black and Red color.
No, Cash On Delivery (COD) option is not yet available on this website. However, we provide free shipping with every prepaid order from this portal.
We partner with top couriers in the country to deliver your product in the shortest possible time. It generally reaches across India within 5 working days after placing the order via this website.
Please type the relevant coupon/promo code in the discount box on the last page (Information>Shipping>Payment Page) of the checkout process. After applying the correct promo code, you should see your cart value has decreased before proceeding to the payment gateway.
We are constantly adding up more portals. At this moment, GoPadFree™ is available online at our website and also at Amazon, Flipkart, Shykart and Big Basket.
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