Welcome to HealthFab®

It all started out of a brother's wish to relieve his sister from discomfort during periods. As a working lady, his sister was using the conventional period products but rashes and discomfort kept bothering. While trying to slove this for his sister, the fact that this problem is faced by women in general came up. He took up the reins and gathered a team to work on this. Thus Healthfab® was born!

The team did lots of study to discover the perfect period product for women, followed by a global market research of the sanitary hygiene industry.

It was clear that a Leak-proof underwear which provides comfortable periods without the hassle of wearing anything extra, which doesn't restrict movement, which doesn't pollute the environment with plastic waste after each use is the best answer! Thus GoPadFree™ was conceptualized and eventually developed as the flagship product from Healthfab®. GoPadFree™ happens to be the first of its kind truly leakproof period underwear in India that doesn't need anything else to be worn alongwith! At Healthfab® we are on a mission to provide affordable solutions for a healthy and sustainable human life. And our research is On!