3 Healthy Meals For Period Days

3 Healthy Meals For Period Days

Foods you should eat during period

When menstruating, cravings can get the best of us. Whether it’s chocolates or a cheesy slice of pizza, once you’ve imagined it, you can’t go without it. While giving into these cravings is a good way to lift your mood during these few days, it’s important not to forget adding the right amount of nutrition to your diet.

Eating right along with light exercises is the best way to manage the pain, bloating, cramping, and your overall energy levels.


Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily have to be boring! In fact, you can make all 3 meals fresh and exciting by adding something new or interesting to your daily diet.


We’re giving you 3 ideas for a balanced yet delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner:



Breakfast during menstruation

A lot of women have sugar cravings on their period, and it is okay to indulge in moderation. But a great replacement for refined sugar is natural sugar! Having sweet, ripe, water-rich fruits such as watermelons, cucumbers, and papayas is a great source of Vitamin C to keep you energized and to also satisfy your sugar cravings!


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If this sounds a little boring to you, you can switch things up and make yourself a delicious fruit chaat! All you have to do is cut up 3-5 of your choice of fruits, sprinkle a little black salt, chaat masala, and a tiny pinch of salt to elevate the flavours, and soon enough, you have a vibrant bowl that’ll fill you right up.



lunch you should have during those days of month

The best thing you can do is add protein to your lunch plan. Chicken and fish are your best options. If you’re a vegetarian, lentils, quinoa and tofu are highly rich in protein too. What you can do is make a sandwich by adding some veggies, a little bit of your favourite dressing, and finally your choice of protein.

You could even make a little appetiser- blanch your tofu in hot, salted water, slice it into small cubes, and serve it with some chaat masala (use toothpicks instead of forks for a more fun dining experience!)



food to eat during menstrual period


You should keep dinner light and easy on your tummy. Make greens the star of your dish, use spinach or beans to cook up something like a simple spinach dal soup or a broccoli salad with some nuts. It’s common to experience a dip in iron-levels when menstruating which can lead to exhaustion, dizziness and headaches. Instead of taking supplements, you can try to include iron-rich foods in your diet.


To end the day, you should make yourself a cup of piping hot chamomile tea that will soothe your sore muscles and sit warm in your stomach, putting you right to sleep.


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