Go Pad Free - Why and How?

Go Pad Free - Why and How?

Everyone’s period is different. Growing up, each one of us knew about these differences. There were girls who simply didn’t seem to be affected around that time of the month. There were those who felt uncomfortable with extreme physical activity, but seemed alright otherwise.

Then again, there were girls who couldn’t leave bed for 3-4 days a month. However, we each have the fundamental experience of a menstrual cycle in common and with it, a list of inconveniences and types of discomfort we experience once a month.

Why GoPadFree?

GoPadFree Period Panty

Here at Healthfab, we want to do our part to help; our GoPadFree underwear was designed specifically to satisfy women worldwide and counter these complaints to the best of our ability.

    1. They are anti-bacterial by design, so they stay clean.

Bacteria breeds in damp areas and that leads to a multitude of infections down there. During your cycle, you are more prone to these infections than usual.

To keep you safe, GoPadFree is designed with multiple breathable layers that keep you dry and comfortable, preventing the growth/production of bacteria and other microbes. You remain clean all all times!

    1. They’re discreet and subtle.

Your days of choosing against a certain dress or a pair of trousers simply because it’s that time of the month are over. GoPadFree underwear’s slim and sturdy design mimics regular underwear. No more awkward pad outlines or bulkiness under your clothes. Wear whatever you what, whenever you want.

    1. No more rashes or chafing.

The Indian heat and humidity combined with the wings of a pad brushing against your inner thighs is recipe for disaster. Choose the comfortable option; you could walk miles in this GoPadFree Leakproof Reusable Cotton Period Underwear without worrying about rashes or chafing your thighs.

    1. Sturdy, solid alternatives.

We’ve all had to say goodbye to some of our most comfortable or beautiful lingerie because the friction pads bring to its inner lining, or leaks and stains. GoPadFree is lined with spandex material, that supports and lifts your body; it holds you together and is made of reliable, solid material. Moreover, its simple design is versatile, easily compatible with most pieces of clothing.

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    1. Less to pack!

Don’t let your period dictate when you choose to travel, or how much space you need to save in your bag for those extra pads and tampons. Just three pairs of GoPadFree, packed along with the rest of your clothing for a summer getaway or one pair stashed in your purse at work is all you need to make it through the day.

    1. They absorb more.

GoPadFree absorbs upto 5X of those regular Sanitary Pads. Though menstrual flow varies from person to person, most women have made the switch to GoPadFree leaving Sanitary Pads and Tampons behind forever! 

  1. They’re better for the planet, too.

Because they’re so durable and don’t stain, you’re not going to be buying as many pairs of regular underwear. You also won’t be buying too many panty liners, pads or tampons.

This saves you money and keeps heaps of those plastic trash out of the landfill. If you’re looking to donate menstrual products to those in need, GoPadFree is the safest, most long-term bet for both the consumer and the environment.

For these reasons and many more, switching from disposable menstrual products to GoPadFree Leakproof Reusable Cotton Period Panty is your safest, most comfortable and the most efficient bet.

Make the decision today and order your GoPadFree now!

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