can we eat pizza during periods

Should Women Eat Pizza During Periods? Other Foods to Avoid

The menstrual cycle (period) is considered a taboo subject in India. Why? Because due to ancient perception – period flow is considered “impure”.

But this is a common process for all the women in the world. The cycle experience varies from woman to woman but everyone is familiar with stomach pain (cramps).

Arguably the reason for the pain is due to the contraction of uterine muscles to shed tissue. This muscular spasm briefly reduces the oxygen flow to your uterus, causing chemicals that cause discomfort.

If you follow expert advice, certain foods such as pizza and other things can make your period pain worse. Literally!

Here we’ve made a list of 7 foods you shouldn’t consume during periods:

 1. Don’t eat Pizza during periods

While pizza is one of the favorite foods for women, you should avoid eating it if you are on your period. Even choosing a pie without harmful toppings such as fatty meats would not make this period acceptable (especially in huge quantities).

Unfortunately, as per the studies, pizza might aggravate the uncomfortable cramps that frequently accompany menstruation. This is because pizza often includes saturated fats, which can induce inflammation.

2. Don’t eat ice sundaes

Unfortunately, sugary sundaes, which we prefer to indulge in when we're feeling miserable, are horrible options if you're on your period. According to ob-gyn Cristina McClure of the Cleveland Clinic, foods that are sugary and sweet will increase your insulin levels, and high insulin levels can cause imbalances in other female-factor hormones.

Sugary sweets can induce bloating, an increase in blood sugar, headaches during periods, and energy dips.

3. Don’t consume too much salt

Research says most people would ingest salt even if it was not an electrolyte required by the body to operate correctly. Have a doubt? Consider the last time you visited a restaurant without saltshakers on the tables. Yes, a little salt may enhance the flavour of some dishes, but too much of it can worsen your period pain.

4. Don’t consume excessive caffeine

A lot of women don’t even begin their day until they've had their first cup of coffee - or two or three. Unfortunately, endocrinologist Dr. Rocio Salas-Whalen warned Insider that caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee might cause increased cramping during your period. But you can have one cup of coffee per day during your periods.

5. Don’t consume alcohol

Many women love a little beer or cocktails, but know this: alcohol might exacerbate some menstruation symptoms. As Everyday Health points out, this is because alcohol may affect blood sugar levels. As an expert on the menstrual cycle (periods), Nicole Jardim tells Well+Good, that whack blood sugar levels can lead to changing hormone levels. these combined factors contribute to period-related symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, and anxiousness. It’s best to avoid alcohol during your flow days.

6. You should not eat red meat

Red meat contains a good amount of iron. And because menstruation involves blood loss, a person's body may experience iron deficiency as a result of their period. However, there is enough worry and controversy about red meat to make it an unwise meal choice during your period.

According to MedlinePlus, red meat is rich in saturated fat. As a result, it has the potential to exacerbate inflammation in your body, making your period more uncomfortable and unpleasant.

7. Don’t consume processed foods

Despite the popularity of ready-to-make snacks meals created from processed ingredients have an absurdly easy appeal. Now and then, people microwave a frozen, plastic-sealed dinner when they're pressed for time, or open a bag of something crunchy and easy after a long day at work. But, Cleveland Clinic adds, these processed meals promote inflammation, which can exacerbate period discomfort (possibly worsen it).

However, we should also realize that not all items labeled as "processed foods" are always unhealthy. According to Medical News Today, foods can be mechanically treated, such as pasteurization. However, concerns might develop when meals are chemically processed, which means they may include artificial sweeteners and colours and are manufactured from refined (and hence less nutritious) components.

Here are 4 things you shouldn’t do during periods:

  1. Wearing the same period product for long
    One of the most fundamental things to avoid during your period is not wearing the same period underwear for more than 6 to 8 hours. This will serve as a breeding environment for germs, resulting in the formation of an unpleasant stench. In addition, this might result in skin rashes and TSS.

  2. Don’t go without period underwear on the bed
    Who doesn’t want to get comfy at night, right? but going to bed without your period panty might result in a major mess. If your present sanitary product is producing skin rashes, you can change the brand or product and opt for period panties from HealthFab GoPadFree Period underwear. If you are uncomfortable using pads, you can convert them to tampons or menstrual cups.

  3. Don’t wax or shave your private part
    This one could be a bit uncomfortable for women but it’s a crucial thing to avoid waxing or shaving during your period. The region is sensitive, and the pull of the wax strips may cause pain, exacerbating your suffering.

    Shaving during your period may be a very messy process. If you cut yourself while shaving, it may result in infection. So, arrange it after a week after your period to minimize pain and suffering.
  1. Don’t have unprotected sex
    For most women, it is quite natural to have sex while on your period. What you should avoid during menstruation is having intercourse without protection. If you're not planning on establishing a family right now, you should avoid taking the chance.

Moreover, protected sex is a method of avoiding STDs. Whether you have a period or not, practice safe sex to avoid infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

GoPadFree Period Panty

Concluding words

It’s important to maintain a balanced diet when menstruating for symptom management and general well-being. If you’re a pizza lover - you might feel craving for it but takeaway foods like pizza will simply make you bloated, which might exacerbate cramps because they are more difficult for your stomach to digest.

Consuming nutrient-dense meals like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats might help relieve cramps, decrease bloating, and stabilise mood fluctuations.

However, it is equally vital to avoid foods and activities that might worsen menstruation symptoms. Foods heavy in coffee, sugar, and bad fats can exacerbate inflammation and pain. Processed meals, alcohol, and fizzy beverages can also cause hormonal imbalance and bloating.

Additionally, controlling stress, being hydrated, and engaging in regular exercise can all help with menstrual health. Making attentive decisions and listening to your body's requirements can help you manage your period and enhance your overall quality of life.


Q.1. Is pizza a period craving food?

Yes, this might be due to certain people having a serotonin shortage, which can exacerbate PMS symptoms.

Q.2. Are there any workouts I should or shouldn't perform while on my period?

Walking, yoga, and stretching are all light workouts that might assist with cramping and mood. But, don’t go for hard workout regiments.

Q.3. Can I eat chocolate during my period?

Chocolate is quite soothing but try to choose dark chocolate with a greater cocoa content since it has less sugar and more antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation and improve mood.

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