dashmularishta for irregular periods

5 Benefits of Dashmularishta for Irregular Periods

Have you tried Dashmularishta for your irregular periods?


Dashmularishta (AKA Dasamoolarishtam or Dasamoolam) is an Ayurvedic syrup that helps to treat irregular periods after childbirth, reduces weakness, and restores the uterus cells.

It comprises more than 50 herbs and ten herb roots that are popularly known as ‘Dashamula’. It was initially used as a strength tonic for post-birth women due to its rich vitamin and mineral content. It filters all the bacteria from your (women’s) system, boosts immunity, and gives strength to your body.

Recently though, it is particularly known to be extremely useful for irregular periodic cycles. How?

We’ll discuss this further in this article. Keep reading!

Dashmularishta composition

Dashmularishta formulation is known for its ability to improve women's health during menstrual abnormalities. It is created from a combination of ten powerful plants known as Dashmoola.

Dashmoola consists of:

  • Bilva (Aegla marmelos)
  • Agnimantha (pre mna integrifolia)
  • Shyonaka (oroxylum indicum)
  • Patala (Stereospermum Suaveolens)
  • Gambhari (gmelina arborea)
  • Brihati (solanum indicum)
  • Kantakari (solanum xanthocarpum)
  • Gokshura (tribulus terrestris)
  • Shalaparni (desmodium gangeticum)
  • Prishnaparni (Uraria picta).

These 10 herbal roots are specially added due to their strong benefits in supporting hormonal balance, strengthening the uterus, and regulating a swift menstrual cycle.

Dashmularishta syrup is made by drying and powdering Dashamula herbs. This powder is then combined with water, jaggery (or sugar), and honey, and the combination is left to ferment for a certain time. Lastly, it is fermented and the liquid is filtered and kept in airtight containers.

Dashmularishta is used to help women with their health, particularly during menstruation and after giving birth. It is claimed to help regulate menstrual cycle, alleviate period cramps, and boost overall reproductive health. The tonic is also recognized for its revitalizing effects, which aid women in regaining health and vigor following childbirth or during times of weakness.

5 benefits of Dashmularishta for Irregular Periods?

Dashmularishta has numerous medicinal characteristics that can help regulate menstrual cycles, particularly in cases with irregular periods.

Here's how Dashmularisha helps with irregular periods:

1. It stops inflammation: Some Dashmularishta ingredients such as Bilva, Brihati, and Kantakari have anti-inflammatory qualities. When Inflammation is in your reproductive system, it can cause menstrual irregularities. These herbs can help you regulate the menstrual cycle by lowering inflammation effects.

2. It works as a pain reliever: Irregular periods can cause discomforting pain and cramps in women’s bodies. Herbs such as Shyonaka and Gokshura can help relieve period cramps and pain. It also supports a more regular menstrual cycle (periods).

3. It balances hormones: The combination of Dashmularishta comprises ingredients that work as adaptogens. It allows the body to adapt to stress and regulate hormone levels. Asparagus racemosus, for example, benefits the endocrine system by regulating hormone levels that are necessary for monthly regularity.

4. It improves Uterine health: Dashmularishta is made of many powerful herbs, including Shatavari and Gokshura which strengthen and tone the uterus. This is an essential ingredient for maintaining uterine health, which can lead to more consistent and healthy menstrual cycles.

5. It provides nutritional support: Dashmularishta is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants through its botanical ingredients. These nutrients promote general reproductive health and function, which can help regulate periods.

dashmularishta for irregular periods

How to Use Dashmularishta Safely?

Safe doge: You should take 10-20 ml of Dashmularishta combined with balanced water. It should be taken 2 times a day (after meals). But, don’t forget to follow the dose guidelines given by a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, because the dosage can vary depending on individual needs and health circumstances.

Duration: There is no certain period for consuming Dashmularishta as it varies as per someone’s condition and the results of therapy. But It’s normally taken for a limited time, such as a few weeks to a few months, under the supervision of a healthcare expert.

Side effects of Dashmularishta

Dashmularishta is an herbal product so it is claimed to be safe when consumed as prescribed. However, some people may witness side effects such as stomach pain, allergic reactions, or interactions with other drugs. It is critical to watch for any other side effects and quit treatment if necessary.

Interactions: Dashmularishta may interact with other drugs that influence hormone or blood sugar levels. Before commencing Dashmularishta, you should contact a healthcare practitioner/doctor, especially if you are taking any drugs or have any underlying health concerns.

Consultation: Before you start consuming Dashmularishta, speak with a trained healthcare professional, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any pre-existing health issues. They can provide personalized suggestions depending on your health situation, ensuring that the supplement is used safely and effectively.

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Bottom line

Dashmularishta is extremely helpful in controlling irregular periods. It relies on the synergistic benefits of its powerful herbal combination. Dashmularishta helps in the treatment of the causes of menstruation irregularity by balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, and improving uterine health.

While scientific research on Dashmularishta's effectiveness in treating menstrual irregularities is very limited (like every other herbal product), many women have claimed to get high benefits after consuming it.

Please follow the instructions properly while consuming Dashmularishta. Don’t forget to check for any side effects, and speak with a healthcare practitioner, especially if you are taking other drugs or have any other health concerns.

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