beetroot juice during periods

7 Incredible Benefits of Beetroot Juice during Periods

We've all been through those days when our periods hit hard, bringing discomfort, period cramps and pain. But have you ever imagined if there's a natural way to make those days a bit easier? 

Imagine having something that not only helps with the cramps but also boosts your energy. Doesn't that sound like just what we need?

Well, there is an answer to this - Beetroot Juice. 

Beta vulgaris or Beetroot is a vibrant and nutritious root vegetable that has found its way into kitchens across the world. In India, beetroot is commonly cultivated in various regions across the country. Beetroot is not just a culinary delight but also a nutritional powerhouse.

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Let's list out the incredible health benefits humble vegetable juice holds for women.

7 Incredible Benefits of Beetroot Juice during Periods

1. Boosts Iron Levels: Many women experience fatigue during menstruation due to the loss of iron through blood. Beetroot juice emerges as a natural solution to combat this fatigue by being a rich source of iron. Iron is a vital component for the production of haemoglobin and it carries oxygen to body tissues. Consuming beetroot juice helps reduce the tiredness and weakness that are commonly associated with menstrual periods.

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2. Regulates Blood Flow: Beetroot juice is beneficial for women who want to have a healthier menstrual cycle as it can help regulate blood flow. The natural nitrates in beetroot are converted to nitric oxide in the body. These act as a vasodilator, helping to relax and widen blood vessels that promote smoother blood circulation. This enhanced blood flow can be particularly beneficial for women with irregular periods.

beetroot juice during periods

3. Menstrual Pain Relief: Period pain can be a monthly challenge for many women. The betaine present in beetroot has anti-inflammatory effects which helps in managing pain and discomfort related to menstrual cramps. The natural antioxidants in beetroot help reduce inflammation and may act as mild analgesics. Due to this, it is recommended that you drink beetroot juice during periods.

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4. Rich in Vitamin C: Beetroot juice holds a secret weapon for radiant skin. The ample presence of vitamin C in beetroot juice boosts collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness. Beetroot juice provides your skin with the necessary nutrients to stimulate collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis contributes to improved skin elasticity and helps to ward off the signs of ageing. 

5. Mood Enhancement: Do you know that beetroot juice has a positive influence on mood and can have an impact on serotonin levels? Yes!

Serotonin is the "feel-good" neurotransmitter which helps in regulating mood and emotions. Beetroot contains compounds that support the body's natural production of serotonin. This greatly enhances the sense of well-being and happiness. 

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6. Antioxidant Boost: The antioxidant-rich nature of beetroot juice makes it a great natural supplement for radiant and youthful skin. The culprits behind premature ageing and skin damage - Free radicals, are effectively combated by the antioxidants present in beetroot juice.

The antioxidants neutralize free radicals which prevents harm to the skin cells helping your skin glow and shine. As a result, regular consumption of beetroot juice contributes to a healthier complexion.

7. Regulates Blood Pressure: Beetroot juice is a natural ally for your heart. Its rich nitric oxide content helps relax blood vessels thus contributing to optimal blood pressure. It also plays an important role in managing cholesterol, particularly by reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

beetroot juice during periods

Easy Beetroot Juice Recipe 

Preparing a refreshing beetroot juice at home is very easy. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start by washing and peeling two medium-sized beetroots. Chop them into manageable chunks for easy blending.

Step 2: Transfer the beetroot chunks into a blender. Add a cup of cold water.

Step 3: Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon for a zesty flavour.

Step 4: Blend the mixture until you see it smooth and consistent. If you prefer a smoother texture. Pour the vibrant beetroot juice into your favourite glass over ice cubes and your homemade beetroot juice is now ready.

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Can women drink Beetroot Juice during Periods?

Yes! you surely can. Beetroot juice brings a bunch of goodness that can make your period days a bit better. Beetroot juice has iron that helps perk you up and say goodbye to that tired feeling.

There's no scientific evidence suggesting that beetroot juice harms during periods. However, it's always wise to keep things in moderation.

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FAQ - Beetroot Juice during Periods?

We often come across curious minds who want to get answers to these questions. Let us read about beetroot and its impact on menstrual health.

Q. Is beetroot good for heavy bleeding?

Ans: Yes! Beetroot is fine for heavy bleeding. It is rich in iron which helps during heavy bleeding. Beetroot juice enhances your body's iron level which gives you instant energy boost during periods.

Q. Does beetroot juice increase blood flow?

Yes! It may increase blood flow in certain instances. The juice contains nitrates that convert to nitric oxide. This in turn promotes vasodilation and potentially enhances the blood circulation.

Q. Is beetroot a blood thinner?

Beetroot may have mild blood thinning properties due to nitrate content. But, it is not a replacement for doctor-prescribed blood thinners. We suggest you get in touch with your doctor or gynaecologist for guidance and help.

Q. Is it OK to drink beet juice every day?

Yes! Enjoying beet juice daily in moderation can be a tasty and nutritious addition to your routine. However, keep in mind that you need to have a balanced diet so that you are not nutrient-deficient. 

Q. Does beetroot delay periods?

No evidence suggests that beetroot has any impact on menstrual cycle timing. It's a healthy addition to your diet


It is quite evident that beetroot juice is more than just a delightful addition to your beverage lineup during your periods. Not only does it ease menstrual discomfort, but also plays an important element in enhancing skin and heart health. It is also a great way to provide nourishment to your body. We hope that you will surely add this wonder juice to your period routine to reap its benefits. 

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