foods to avoid during periods

Period Diet: What we should not eat during periods

Ever wondered if your diet could have a say in how you feel during your periods? Well, you're not alone! The journey through your menstrual cycle can be a roller coaster of emotions and sensations.

And those cravings for something sweet, isn’t it? But, before you reach out to for your favorite comfort food, have you ever thought about how good they do to your body during your menstruation cycle? You certainly did not.

In this guide, we would learn about what food you should avoid during your periods.

What we should not eat during periods

As you are on your periods, you are shredding blood and riding those hormonal waves. During that time, your body turns into a nutrient-hungry explorer. Your body needs all kinds of vitamins, minerals, water, protein, iron, and fiber. While these are the most essential nutrients, some foods might create the menace. So, here are a list of foods that you should avoid during periods.

foods to avoid during periods

1. Salty and Processed Foods

When you're on your period, those bags of chips and packaged snacks might call out to you, but they're not the best buddies for this time. These foods are often loaded with salt, which can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. These salty treats may mess with your energy and mood too. Consuming too much of salt may mess up with your blood pressure, making you feel tensed.

As they contain lot of salts, processed foods may not have the nutrients that your body needs during your periods. So, its always a good idea to skip salty and processed food items.

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2. Sugary Foods

During your period, those sugary treats might seem like the perfect way of satisfying your cravings, but there's a catch. Foods high in sugar can lead to mood swings, making your period experience a bit uncomfortable. Sugary foods may cause a spike in your blood sugar levels which may make you feel energetic temporarily.

But as soon as your blood sugar drops down you would feel tired. Besides that, eating too much of sugar is not a healthy choice for your overall health. It is often known to mess your overall body’s natural balance. While a little bit of sugar seems okay, but it is best to avoid sugary cakes and desserts during your period.

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3. Dairy Products

While diary products are rich in nutrients, its better to consume in moderation as it can affect your comfort during your periods. Some diary products have high fat content might not be the best companions. Certain cheese, full-fat milk and creamy delights can contribute to cramps and discomfort. The reason is that high-fat diary products could trigger inflammation in your body making your period worse.

There are lighter options like low-fat yogurt and skim milk that provide essential nutrients without the same potential downsides. Calcium and vitamin D found in dairy are important for your bone health, so it's all about striking a balance between what to eat and avoid.

4. Caffeine and Caffeinated Beverage

Caffeine, known for its stimulating effects, can intensify certain symptoms experienced during your period. They may cause certain disruptions on your sleep patterns which may contribute to overall discomfort and fatigue. We are not stopping you completely, but moderation is the key. You may opt for herbal tea, hibiscus tea, green tea which are much better alternatives.

Foods to avoid during periods

5. Fatty Foods

Fats are essential for our bodies. They are a vital macronutrient contributing to various bodily functions including hormone production. However, not all fats are created equal. During periods, certain fats might intensify inflammation and add discomfort to your body. This inflammation might apparently cause bloating or cramps which are common during menstruation. Fried foods, fatty meat, and rich gravies are examples of high-fat offenders that could intensify these symptoms.

So, a better choice would be to opt for healthy fats such as badam, pista and other seeds. These fats contain essential nutrients that can provide a balanced nutritional need for your body.

Indian Foods to Avoid During Your Period

You know those yummy snacks like samosas, chips, and even some of those sugary sweets. As tempting as they are, they can make you feel a bit bloated and not-so-great. Creamy and heavy foods like certain types of paneer and fried stuff can make your tummy feel a bit more sensitive. So, while you don't have to say goodbye to these Indian foods forever, it's good to take it easy on these foods during your period.

Frequently asked questions on foods to avoid during periods

Q. Can I drink milk during my period?

Ans.: Yes, you can drink milk during your period. It’s recommended to consume low-fat or skim milk, as full-fat milk might cause discomfort for some women. You can also consider alternatives like almond milk or turmeric milk found in various online and local Indian markets.

Q. What is the best food for period?

Ans.: The best foods for your period are those rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and foods with omega-3 fatty acids (like fish) can help ease symptoms and provide energy.

Q. What we cannot drink during period?

Ans.: While there's no hard and fast rule, it's advised to limit caffeine and carbonated beverages like cold drinks during your period. These can potentially worsen symptoms like breast tenderness and bloating.

Q. Is chocolate good during period?

Ans.: Yes, chocolate can provide comfort during your period, thanks to its mood-enhancing properties. Dark chocolate, in particular, contains antioxidants that might offer some benefits. However, enjoy it in moderation to avoid excessive sugar intake.

Q. Which juice is good during periods?

Ans.: Always prefer natural, fresh fruit juices during your period. Citrus juices like orange or grapefruit can provide a vitamin C boost, while watermelon juice can help keep you hydrated. Just be aware of added sugars in commercial juices.


When it comes to your period and food, it's all about finding what feels good for you. You have got all the power to make your own choices. Things like fruits, veggies, and lighter snacks can be a great way to deal with uncomfortable cramps and bloat. So, the next time your period shows up, you've got a solid list of food that makes you feel awesome.

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